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Saddle Creek Farms

Royal Creek Ranch


My familys farm has been a source of enjoyment and simplicity of life for generations.  My great-grandfather was a dentist in Pittsburg, but wanted to raise his family where he could teach them a work ethic, Christian morals, and family values.  He purchased our current 1500 acre ranch and the land that surrounds our farm where other family members live today.  In his time he created a working horse ranch with draft horses.  My grandfather after him found it best in his time to have a crop and dairy farm.  Currently my father raises natural beef and crops with our land.  We use and breed working cow horses to manage the herd.  We also import well bred Border Collies and train them for working our herd. 

Field near Saddle Creek Farm in PA

About Me


As a young child I learned how to work on the farm, for others, and in school.  At age 6 we started having responsibilities with cattle, horses, dogs, fences, and anything else the farm needed.  I worked for my father until I graduated in 1999 from high school, and I still do anytime I find myself at home.


When I turned 13 I started my 5 year job at an Animal Hospital where I worked before school, after school, and on weekends. 

Field on Saddle Creek Farm

After I graduated I moved to the White Tail Ranch near Missoula, Montana to work as a wrangler on a guest ranch.  For more info go to  If you visit the site and click on vacations I can be seen riding my horse through the lake.   I worked there for 6 months, learning much about growing up, experiencing more of Gods beauty and meeting many new friends.


That spring I enrolled in Penn States Business program and attended my first semester.  At summer time I accepted a job for Paul Newmans Hole In The Wall Gang Camp in rural Connecticut.  I worked there as the Therapeutic Equestrian Specialist.  Our camp works with critically ill children.  If you would like to find out more about it please visit   

Riding in the Mountians of Montana

When I returned to Penn State I tried out for the equestrian team and made the cut.  For the first time in my life I found myself in an English saddle.  My first and only year in English I have many 1st place ribbons to show, a placing at nationals, and more great friends and experiences. 


After that year at school I decided to take after my father who is an overseas Captain for Continental and a Colonel for the Marine Corps.  I enrolled in the number one aviation school in the nation, University of North Dakota.  At UND I obtained my Pilots ratings.  While attending UND for two years I was able to find a great trainer and boarding stable.  Working with Krista Montgomery, I have been able to improve my breaking and training skills. 



The summer of 2003 I found myself working at The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp again.  This time "I the King" and one of my Border Collies came along with me.  One more summer of the most amazing moments one could ever hope for.  Moments made with the smiles of special children.


Once again I find myself enrolled at PSU.  I am working to finish up my 'career student' status.  I will be graduating with a Personal Relations Degree.  I find all of my spare spread between work (Animal Medical Hospital), my horses and dogs, and the Penn State Motorcycle Club(Silver and Black Triumph tt600)



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